It's been long overdue, so I'll keep it short. I'm supposed to do my moodboards for Project TWO NOW yet instead have the urge to archive this. For SE7EN's showcase back in early February (read it all here! Be sure to comment on and say hi!) me and Shirley went in to enjoy the little showcase and go ring ding dong over his Di gi tal boounce... Di gi tal sooound, di gi tal exxxx... welcome to my digital world!

Goofing around is the best thing we do, or I do when I'm halfly interested. Not a Lucky 7 but hey, listening Digital Bounce for free, LIVE?! Who doesn't want that I love that tune. Met Hajar of Sharing Yoochun /coughs when she also appears to many many other K-Pop un-TVXQ!/JYJ events but I love her anyways. Super cute and nice unni! Will try to catch up with you at SMU Koufu sometimes.
If you see this Hajar unni, Where's our photos from your camera! See mine's blurred out.

OK, it's more for Mr. 7 now - shall post the funny unedited ones. He's still nice and human don't worry so still love him!

Second picture is hilarious, the sudden rocker all hair-up. His passion people! It's there. Love him still. :)

And to show that I was there rockin' the seven...

peekture perfect!
(my hair still looks good here. Fresh from the first week)

So, here's the lowdown on SE7EN in Singapore on MY article!
(ahem. the MY there is actually how fast people take of course by crediting but only to Korea.com instead with me too TT^TT but then it shows how fast the news go but how come there's no discussion going on! So quiet! You all fangirls chirp and start commenting or else I won't go to another event! /liar)

•wearing Since Always 8-way (or more) top, Paul Direk drop-crotch pants, Zaha Hadid x Melissa wedges. Accessories: Turquoise necklace, from Yunan, Bossini anti-water bag•       

Outfit post - did try to look nice since it was an event after all minus the press con but it was at VIVO on a weekend. Why not! Pulled out my new Zaha darlings all the way from the USA. It came across the seven seas finally, finally here, since the day I bought online on Gilt in July.

•well well, this is 7. Next hype would be FAREAST MOVEMENT & Park Jung Min!•

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