Who might have thought he would take over the seat's of a cameraman and film director after taking over one of the best celebrated shoemaker in the whole world?

A short movie that grasps on a lady's obsession on these red heels (I think it's very much fathomable why) for a celebration of his new boutique. More on the behind the scenes, here.

I've got to say the movie's mediocre, filming a sweet dream's wishful girl, one who always dreams of having a pair, this one's loaded, a dream coming true. And him giving a pair in the end? I'll ask, who wouldn't want THAT? All your fantasies and desires come true!

However still absolute vain in this project for sure. Well, advertising, who can blame?

Anyone got caught in the ad? Don't worry, there are many sites and here's one for you guys to go get a pair (or more!) to earn that higher oxygen those celebrities usually breathe in the red carpet when wearing these red heels. ;) 

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