Femme Fatale.

A deriviation from feminine, Hilary Duff explains her new line for DKNY Jeans that was rumored to launch in August but I guess the party had just started earlier this month.
The quirky illustration on top was surfaced a couple months back, although I do not think it's Duff's own drawings.
Quite queer on a sudden jolt from Asian to a former pop teen star for me to write on?

Well, apart from Amanda Bynes that I've always adored when I was in 6th grade and my other friend had gone Lizzie'd by Hilary, then my other mate loves MK&A, those surely were the days where good pop stars arise.

And the good thing is that Hilary is healthy fat! I loved her in Lizzie too, I disliked it when she shed tons of weight but now, take a look at these video captures where the magic of Photoshop resides within the printed campaign ads and commercial shoots for media.

*hooray! Happy Hilary in a more filled figure (proof: by her puffed up arms which last time was ultra skinny but then now...) but her legs are still amazingly lean looking! :)
This outfit: a fringe T top, leather look zippered leggings
The T top she has described that it's fun and very casual since it's a T! And yes I should get that*

*The campaign ads shot in quiet Manhattan streets*

*from the video, compare the second image and the outcome in the ad, Hilary's body looks muuuuch leaner!*

So then, I shall continue on with more lusting...

No other than a sequined waist hoodie jacket, lined with (looks like) silk which would be so smooth and comfortable inside! The coolness of a hoodie plus sparklies all over and a drop top is ultra cool! Aaaaand I want I want I want... only sold online... here... the first product to shine...


And still in search for pairs of shoes, replacing the ones that have gone to the hospital and has never to return (my pink flats and my always perfect white sandals! ;'{ ) here goes even more mini skyscrapers I long (I should seriously stick back to square one in finding flats for daily wear and not pretty heels otherwise what will I walk in everyday?)

click on the image for much clearer view. It's such pretty pairs of shoesies and it's so neat!
Black... or Pink? I cannot decide!

Gmarket loves shoes loves me loves shoes loves Gmarket!
(someone please click on the link and start purchasing it for me [well, preferably] but under my name would be fine as well I supposed] but it's meant only for Korean residents.
Omaa Minjoo get it for moi!!

 "Me and My Shoes"

 This watch had charmed me since the moment I saw it... so me with the title... although I do not have an extensive collection of shoes I will have it someday, sharing the same dreams with Ira and Shelvi. And I had search it up and ohmeohmyyy the box comes in with a pen and a handbook like usual but with the shoes logo and all totemo kawaii! Kaitainda...
 Been eying on this like earlier in the year, 6 months back? (Wow and I'm still waiting for it...) but now I guess I do really need it, this alternative of the moment watch. Don't remind me why I hope I have misplaced instead of my Guess watch is officially gone. Going going going gone. I seriously do not want to talk about it. Guilty as charged. The more I talk there's a lot of precious things I have misplaced. Or gone. Fatal mistakes.

So you Swensens invited better know what to bring before we enter the lift! XD

 I'm so so so so so sorry but I love the stuff I won't lie... that I lost it and I do know that I'm careless I'll confess but I still can't change as always, mom. (>3<);
Wait, wait, wait! There's more than just wishing and scrubbing the genie lamp! The video that supports the entire shiney leather black scene, is this puff of magic. Just say Abracadabra and here you are! Four ultra slim ladies (they're not in their teens, thank goodness) in leather suits and cuts of futurism and sharp shoulder edges. Can't name one but looks like Margiela meets that designer who has the architect background...? 

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