Fashion Mademoiselle!

Dearest Dame Auntie Vivienne Westwood, I truly respect and in awe of your life philosophy!
I've found this quite some time ago and saved the link, and I think I knew it from some other fashion blog; I'm absolutely not updated if not opening those fashion blogs (again, am I in the wrong department, should I move to Korean and Japanese contemporary affairs? Me loike if so!^^)

It's a must watch! The one I've watched, better quality has been freakin' removed by the user so this is with some ad...

No matter you would see dear red Auntie in a very fabulous manner~

Truth to be told, not many famous people DO care; I've also changed my perception towards Prince Charles who has created Rainforest SOS and you can start joining here! You only have to submit your name (and be the same level as those flashy princes of course!) and that's it without any $$ to save our beloved depleting forests! Go GO GO!

Dame is not my thing, however becoming a fashion mademoiselle is an ambition to win judges' heart! This is the introduction of my CCS presentation project, where in a group we gotta talk about one garment given from the lecturer, where I've gotten Schiaparelli's lobster dress, in which personally I find it very gore and uninteresting, I do not like it at all. Only the technique and a pop of something bizarre thus it is famous. However I do not like it. And the story behind that lobster itself? Man, conceptual people and their power of selling only their thoughts and not the end product. Ugh.

However I am excited and hope to get top results for this project! You wait, Lucinda, but please don't let us present for the whole Level 1!

Just as a news flash, Monsieur Michael Jackson has finally RIP earlier today.
May you rest in peace, 70's fashionmister. Sparkly sparkly gloves and sequin pants and that fedora hat, hmm hmm iconic.

A nice summary of K-pop early and upcoming of 2009 (hey it's already almost end of the year again?!) and there's another band coming? Read more here! Nyny's been diligent lately, ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and blogging for me is a total time sucker! I write and rant a whole buncha things and whooop! Time flies fast as I type.

Well that's it for tonight folks! I'm trying to make myself healthier by following the normal people routine, AKA wake up early, sleep early, do everything as much as I can by seizing the day (hopefully) and just to wake up immediately because sleeping is a waste of time, especially waking up in the middle of the day. Feels like a half day wasted just like that already.

Sweet dreams!

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