Things visually achieved,

fantastic fantasy memories 

captured within the frame, 

where impossible becomes 

possible to put stagnant papers 

  to life.



more airy-fairy photos with short poetry cooked with hearty serving of love in the Kitchen Daily.

* * *


oodles of doodles from islandwide local lomographers,

their journey with words, composed freely and visual imagery...

a memoir project for Lomography Singapore, here.

* * *

Japanese artist's characters, simple childlike drawings that brings back kindergarten memories, in 海の防止(if translated correctly, the sea's hat).

* * *

when two dreams afloat and merge, another realm is born, colorful district of what hands can do; artworks for all 'made by all', ミンアーデザインA team of two artistic directors who won the MUJI Design award, what else not to loike about them?

Sarah Beetson is another aspiring illustrator focusing on fashion and music.


 Her array of colors chosen for each is an eclectic funky mix - which is my style but not her drawings. More on the artist with her blog. Her newest collaboration is a super fun print on shoes. Awesome graphics!

Well, closing tonight, if you got no DSLR or a Rollieflex to toy with (please someone get me that hawt pink BLACKBIRD, fly or a 110 book camera), here's the latest photobooth to boast designed by architects and all.

via The Cool Hunter.

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