Self birthday present I got about 2 weeks before my birth date - I saw it on Female Singapore once going for about $200... but I was loitering around the dept store in Spain, very uninterested. Until I saw BIMBA & LOLA's counter and I immediately perked up (the only young contemporary product creators within the rest of the very auntie styles, hahaha) and I saw this.

I was like, it's on sale?
Yes it's on sale for 50% to only 39 Euros.

I gaped. The lady couldn't speak English so with all my fervor I made the transaction possible. *shopper's instinct*

Now I can ulala like those Hawaiian.

I was so elated and glowing after this single necklace I'm not sure why, I think the satisfaction of 1) finding the pretty little thing, 2) actually having the power to buy, 3) it's on sale, 4) it's so cute cute cute.

So this was me after purchasing it without my parents meheheheheh.

the small bag of happiness!!!


Girls, know this:
#Happiness comes in very small packages at #surprise times. #shopping

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