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I went in August, and here I am backtracking for a #laterpost (in following to #latergram) from last summer's trip around the EU. Remember the big mess I had in preparing for my trip? Well this was the outcome.

Tanning is the title because of the crazy heat that has targeted Europe to be a very hot ground. Not blaming, it made the beaches of Cannes look glorious with lots of ripples and sparkles from the sun. It was so beautiful and ... when you are there (don't enjoy the ladies bathing, enjoy the seaview lah) the very azure blue ocean is simply mesmerizing. (apart from that, my FB album is also called 'Greatest Tanning Trip of Le Life' and I turned 20% darker than usual for my arms).

I still hate the hot weather. Which is why 3 hats accompanied me, and two of them are showstoppers because of the size (see below).

Winter's absolutely game over in the tropics and I'm sourcing for new inspiration for the colors and layers of the summer! Within my natural instinct, I head back for my 16-day tripping under the hot sun and managed to wear all the heels I wanted without feeling that I was the tallest in class. It's EU, I feel small.

Think a truckload of lemons (shoes, accessories, pins, dresses, jackets, hats) and is skimmed through to make lemonades + honey (accessories and the extra oomph of fakq) = squeeze of the summer for the azn girl on holiday and turning 20 on the plane. I meant, on the way to the plane airport. Here's #WIW...LY.


Morocco King's palace; and the tomb of one of the wives in the olden days with the very cool guard with his sniper. 
Wearing flower visor, Lalalove London tee, striped pants and red wedges from Platinum BKK

At Alhambra, literally translated as the Red Castle in Spain.
Wearing the eye-stopping blue hat (a tourist actually had asked me to take a picture of me and the hat, it was that famous among the group AND people looking), Batik Keris red dress, Bata sandals

Small town Mijas, I left my heart with you!
Wearing a smaller version of the hat, Oink throw on, halter dress and Bata sandals.

Top of Lisbon, hola hola!
Wearing Cotton On shades, batik PJs (yep, doesn't it look swell, and actual PJ), DIY vest, Payless wedges.

Lisbon, the next day, in front of the famous patisserie that made the first egg tarts and made Portugal famous. 
Pirates Ahoy!
Wearing an electric blue hat, DIY drape stripe dress. (See the dress' transform)

 Self birthday present of Bimba y Lola necklace I've been hunting; siesta time in Toledo. 
Wearing a Uniqlo striped dress.

 "Merci, merci beaucoup, Cannes! Muah"
Red carpet moment in the summer.
Wearing the just-got-in-this-trip Zara vest for $10, vintage dress, just-got-in-this-trip Portugal sandals.

"Madrid and the walking stabbil0 alien" (if there was a newspaper headline)
Wearing the pixelated Sunnies, neon green top and skirt.

Back to the Gaudi Cathedral from 1999 and of course, still not done but it is totally beautiful. In the centre between those shopping streets of Barca.
Wearing Purple version of the hat, Tosavica pink top, ASOS blue dress, just-got-in-this-trip Zara wedges for $10!

Milan's centerpoint in front of Duomo, the sun's being really nice.
Wearing Oink rose throw, black sleeveless, Zara pants, Payless wedges.


When it all are so poised, here's what I do to stay alive:


Anyhow, 16 days WAS NOT EASY TO MIX AND MATCH. Usually, I'd only use my brain juices to style thy self at least twice a week to dress-up. But in this case, it was, 14 days, minus the flight.

Afterwards I was exhausted of no more ideas to play with my clothes, haha. But, there's a trick to it to pack for two weeks worth - use an agenda. Read the itinerary. Check local weather. See what kind of tourist places you're going to stop by and match accordingly to the style.

I did that over and over for this tour because I totally want to take an advantage with the great weather and me in full heels everywhere! (Because when I'm back home I feel huge and too tall and it's troublesome and don't feel motivated - EXCUSE)

PACKING TIP: So day by day, I wrote top to bottom and shoes of what I wanted to wear for the next day, and prepared, in my luggage, for each OOTD packet, in rolls.

Say, this goes with this, roll it together. For the first day, roll it on top. Follow by the second and continuing days in rolls and it'll be easier to pick it up and hang 'em out for the next day.

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