I've reached to the point where I'm slightly around the same time last year to start taking charge of things and it's halfway March 2016.

It's been a year into the new year and I'm not going to lie that the power of the fire is going to set an all-time high. Mixing with my youthful energy but my almost near the grave neurons approach, the Fire Monkey has probably never been apt in timing and combination as I, the Monkey, needs Fire as much as I can get this year. And so, I need the sun to energise me. The sun is a star full of blazing fire, therefore I'm asking the star, for a person who loves stargazing, to lend me a hand this year.

Third time's a charm, everyone say, and now my hair is done right and I'm happy.

I'll be sharp, en guarde, on point, feisty, rough, tough, to huff. I never felt like I'm going to work my ass off completely this year as my deadline gets close. It's been 6 years since I've setted that timing and I've got roughly a year and a half left. This year should be paramount; next year is the anti-climax where everything settles and I would like the flowing water to just bring me down.

Last year was a lot of self trials and errors on my own. I'm finally able to make peace with myself. Here's what I congratulate myself in: is alive in one piece to adapt and settle into a lifepath, a major milestone, I chose. Here's what I have regretted the most in: guilty as charge to have friendzoned. There's never enough regrets and alaudable things in the air; I decided to let go - so long, blue hair, that was one other regret - and bring in the sun, the Yang, my source of energy, carved into my life with an added colour from the warm palette (hello, pink! I don't really like you but you'll have to push me this year).

So long, 2015. 2016 will be the journey I shouldn't look back, ever, since I only have the time to look forward.
This is the first feisty firey comeback in 2016, so I'll only get sharper by the year if you tick my balance.

Another thing is that, for all my friends, neighbours, mother, let me answer your question:
"Yes, I do have a preference when it comes to a guy. He's gotta be filthy, filthy rich."

No, hear me first, to those of you who don't know me.

"you see, this fellow has to be a philanthropist or by rebirth has already been setted up for me by the celestial heavens in order to balance my soul.

I'm intending to make or buy, if any, a bandage for this planet and it doesn't come in cheap.

I'm planning to do it on my own with my band of bros in this lifetime, but if that particular fellow comes along and he could earn my trust and ease (not to mention to satiate my cerebral neurons everyday) and actually let me think to say that 'well, I actually can see myself settling down with you and you taking my time by being completely egoistic to have me for yourself while I'm supposed to be busy giving back life to Gaia", then it shall be'"

And off I go, doing my thing in my own time, and my own mission. Here's to 2016! Please #GetMyBack.
I'm actually running out of time and I've reached to say I'm tired, earlier this year. Therefore, the above story applies. /insert laughter

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