Meticulously made forms, details, texture, style from the eyes of British designers are prepared to be presented today at the first day of the trunk show! Presenting these collections from Boudicca, Joanne Stoker Shoes, Hermione De Paula, Betty Jackson, Majique accessories and many more you can see here. As a sneak preview of the real thang in town finally all settled, prepare to be enthraaaaalled.
From furs, silk, brocade, leather, mesh, cotton, everything you need, top to toe, your hands filled with a bag and be decked in the accessories line, to finally perfect your whole dress with a whiff of perfume to be pre-prepared for the upcoming Autumn Winter.

Time to window shop (for me)!

 I can't wait to view the KTZ collection down - as well as the complete collection for Kim's collection for MFW next week. Super packed, this is my roller coaster ride for the next upcoming months. A little update on what I have been up to thus far...

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