When was the sky and weather as beautiful and as wonderful as it is? Never from April till this month onwards. However just for one night which turned out quite disastrous with only one lift working and the show being delayed for so long and finally a decision to have another fashion presentation at ION Sky for Karen Millen. So instead of going up for the fashion presentation's second round, after checking out the store for any good things to pick up, it ended up bitter, an all for nothing night to dress but queue and sit helplessly and stubbornly to not join the queue.

•wearing Kabitha Batik dress, (X)SML corduroy blue bolero, polka dot leggings, Irregular Choice heels

We were then hungry. Shirley was oogling on how nice I look today so to commemorate it so.
And we were on the 56th floor at ION Sky, for the first time. We looked through the binoculars wondering if we would see any naked guy like what we see in FRIENDS, but nah, there was nothing exciting in particular.

Now that I realize, I lost my left dimple.
Where did you go!

(The evaluation did by my dear mother is because I simply ate too much and my cheeks just had extra fat and so well, the dimples are gone. Then explain to me why my right one is still visible?)


I feel awkward with this space.

A rather short post.

Then this was for March but yet I finished writing this little account like end of May.

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