An unexpected rushed downtown trip after doing my product shot which has turned fabulous (hope the airbrushing goes well there,  Kate;) )with the help of Ilana's mom who has showed her fierce side as a model and the bright bright sun that burned and made a mark in my arms (curse you sol). I met my dad's friend to  pick up a bag filled with random things I've favored my mom to put in, and the most vital thing I've asked her to put in which was an acne popper, was forgotten. --__--;;

So I came rushing bringing the sunglasses back home to drop and prepared myself to rush to Orchard, seemingly my mind was not forgetting the Takashimaya voucher and taking $30 extra cash I had kept; it has been a while since my shopping mood heighten (2 months!) nor window shopping, and inviting Ms. Foo to come down and accompany where initially she wanted to eat Korean BBQ meat (samgyopsal?) but I said

'hurry now Orchard me go there C U @ kino bye'

She replied she would come a bit later and so I've got time on my own to roam around... And the store I would always check in Takashimaya to spend on the voucher was noneother than Desigual.

What fate it has become...

Seeing the dress I've tried back in May and apparently forgotten about it and tried as if I saw it the first time in August, and finally, today, I got it, October. WOW. It was $124.50, 50% off, in the rack, sizes 42, three garments left. THEY WERE MY SIZE AS WELL.
WDF? cannot be anymore rejoicing
And using the voucher I added the extra 24.50 with cash (apparently, what another coincidence with the handy extra $30) ...
A wee pick into the bag...

*hello hello tie-dye! recognize which dress did I get?*

*viva la Spain even the bag's imported from the original place! I'll cherish it even more! (yes you can call me cynical crazy person but I do collect)*

So yes, a wish fulfilled to have at least one garment from this creative masterpieces thanks to Ci Kitty (hehehe) for the Takashimaya voucher that has helped me to reach my dreams!

However, Friday was announced that TOPSHOP/TOPMAN will start their sale, and I came over in the afternoon, and that flat-styled navy blazer of TOPMAN was...

40% sale. In Bugis, size M left, three pieces.

My goooooooooodnessssss how can this happen. But as I've told beforehand, my estrogen only stops increasing the moment I step out of the atypical aka. Desigual zone. I don't mind bringing this to the dressmaker...PATTERN #4.

Also have been eyeing this baubles necklace that has reminded me of Dries' necklace...

In silver or gold, costs S$89, omo omo omo, I'm going crazy. I'll ask and confirm if it is made out of titanium or silver or white gold or something that would be resistant to perspiration since I sweat like a hot potato, and i wouldn't want to wear it to Orchard, then drenched wet and gone sour with corrosion. So not worth it if so! Checking it tomorrow...

Another sudden shopping invitation from Mr. K K K?


Please shopping mood do not have sudden heights (is caused by the levels of estrogen suddenly flushing through because of RiNG DiNG DONG)

I want to sleep and wake up by the its Ring Ding Dong! XD

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