(F) r o c k O U T .

Underaged but optimistic,
trying to dress but not frugalistic;
victimized by the chains, how they shine
slithering threats from underneath the line
zipped tucked buckled armed.

It's not my fault it's held in ZOUK. All I wanted was to view at the clothes as I'm an anonymous patron of indie designers, BLACKMARKET in Singapore is one of the stockists to scourge all designers alike which I loike very mucch.

I have to say I loathe myself here. However I adore what I've pulled through for this night which didn't help with my face factor (on the bright side, the checker knows I'm underage! For a second I do feel glad that I LOOK LIKE MY AGE. But then again I think it's because I dramatized that I didn't bring any ID that has my birth date.)

So, it ended one hour with not being able to go in and feeling unconditionally dejected,
Ika and I gravely walked out from the hotspot and took this shot on the way.

I'd rather have stayed home if it weren't for Joyce (erhm) and her tempting texts for me to come.
I'd rather have done 100x karaoke-ing with SHINee so by the next day I could sing without looking at the lyrics anymore when I wake up, when someone calls and when I re-watch the video;
and 'two butterflies (둘 나비아: Key and G-D's MV!)' I love.


Earlier in the week, every Tuesday would be the D-day. Dress day. Dress up day. Styling class at 9 freaking AM and there's a demand to dress up. And us students are the supply to increase even higher demand. If not, the sales report aka. the formative feedback would have a red warning to do something about that DEMAND!

there are more hilarious shots which I'm going to update later after I get it ASAP from my friend!

All of these snaps are surprisingly concurrently for

Back to Illustrator and Photoshopping.
My eyes are @_@ now.

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