Steeped in Stitches.

10/12/09, updated 10/25

Last week, notes the start of the new semester where everything is considered and put into the final grades, whereeas my last term's scores were mediocre, satisfactory, even a module an unsatisfactory I gotta get my spine up straight this term to be a workaholic. This is why my online presence has been missing, I've let my laptop rest for almost 3 days and I've concentrated on work and spending more time spiritually, needing to clear my mind to pave new way for new knowledge coming in; my brain was a total mess last week.

Reviews were: satisfactory drawing skills (just acceptable), unsatisfactory skirt toile (messy and well, the stitches were everwhere but I tried my best!) and that hideous straight line machine stitch exersizes... and in overall view my presentation outlook, needs to be much more neat and not sloppily sticked or anything. Needs more thorough research for textile classes, experiments, and stitch + stuffing example I gotta redo.

This term, my goal is to draw much cleaner and sew much neater and at least one of my works are taken (read: highest ranks in class, so best grades around! I cannot do fangirl much anymore and would have to stay away from my laptop).

In term two, I now introduce the crimes and punishments of fashion studies. Yes, not only the crime, but punishments if I was to work superficially physically in my projects and as I do my presentations; I gotta raise my standards, I've been slacking;
I think I've somewhat been influenced by class peers and around; I used to have this inner competition in wanting to do the best and be responsible and diligent, nowadays I accept myself with "as long as it's done!"

Changing my idealism into reality: "Time managing, away from Youtube, iTunes preferable, and join prayers and church groups to be the only relaxing time in the weekends, where within I find peace."

On the other hand, what keeps me going to keep me on track and not lose sight on my bone thrown by myself is fangirlism. Currently I'm loosing grip in what I want to take. Fashion Communication or Design? Since Comm. is still a new thing... I wonder...

In Pattern Drafting class, we are now to make a ladies' shirt, long sleeved, and I tell you, the folds, darts, creases and neatness is abhorrent and tedious, and on the first two images are the patterns cut out on calico fabric, where then it would be joined (I hope) to be a size 10 shirt!

But just today I finished the assignment today, variety of neckline master draft in a jiffy (you need to have intelligence to do work fast and be time efficient!) and by 7 p.m. the two shirt opening for shirt buttons (the official word has slipped my mind) with a teeny sew untidiness, is done! Well, my lecturer has regarded my work with no skeptical note: WORK ACCEPTED! =D

*click to enlarge, the long sleeve pattern + the interlining extra and shirt opening to be sewn on*


I am very proud of myself of being able to sew the body! WOW!

*front and back side, after sewing! \(^o^)/ these days I do finish my pattern drafting assignments fairly quick than the rest and is accepted! What's happening, should i go do design...
The next step was the next class' lesson but to make it easier i've uploaded here instead.
PLEASE PECKLING ACCEPT SOME 'SIGNATURE' STYLE SHIRT, DIFFERENT FROM THE REST, the pocket for my shirt is on the right and not on the left, so it's recognizeable it's from the House of WDFIZ. Hehehe.*

*Textile lino and image transfer patterns, inspired by the little excursion made to Little India and capturing patterns seen there.*

Now this, is where my class and I endure the slow kill.

Not using the rule of the thirds in grid layouts, but the middle spot and divert your eyes a bit to the left, the gradual grey of the black ink line, evidence seen by rubbing hard with eraser, trying to save my life so I won't get older fast forward because of this scrutinizing homework. This, ruler, drawing pen, pencil, eraser, and wasting tracing paper and the sharpness of my eye was my best friend for the weekend, not turning on my laptop.

*this was the 'forgiven' level, with plain red marks on every sheet. The other class (think was the first) had the first bad experience: papers were torn at the top to indicate that the paper can't be used again and needs to retrace*

*somehow the whole class esp. Ginette cracked their heads on this. Osama? The eyeless girl? I'm not sure why but at least I contributed a laugh!

Or, we all laughed at each others work eventually*

  *Killed me. The grid was correct with images and all, and all I didn't put was margin lines which I thought ws unecessary cos it wasn't words. Speechless. All over again...*

*SEE THAT, I did it but 95% on penmanship I would confess. Didn't know that images were only 'X'ed are accepted. Guh. All that drawing.*

*The next project was to re-arrange 4 pages (in the brief it stated 3 so an extra 1 here!) and within the same grid pre-drawn, we can cut and shape anyway we like as long as it fits the grid. My fave's that on the right!*

Right now, it's illustratorrrrrr motorrrr runninggg and waiting for Kate to send in the airbrushed polished images and Ilana for magazine specifications for styling!!


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