Early morning;
r     i     s    e   the sun from one side,

however shyly hiding behind floating cottons... water vapors.
 Tiny little thing,

we don't see,
but it's there,
we accept it would be always be,
but it's there because.

wind b l   o    w      i         n                  g               ;  fresh air
after rain

checkered scarlet mini cooper awaits to bring me there.

there where?

there, where solace breathes through the little hall where everyone gathers.

A month it has been,

how long has she beam -
on a lowly person like me?

Happy is she there?

"Abundance, full of grace, so kind"

So kind, she saves:
pray for us now till the hour of our death-

Did she really did my guardian angel really did God really snapped that truck driver's eye open?
The heavy rain wetted the road heavily, the light was green, I started to make a move.

Not looking to the left, until the truck came in front of me I stopped for a moment and he swerved on - I was surprised I thought I'd seen wrong but it was green, and the truck driver seemed to have a lost face and then shocked, looking around, and I was like whhuuut? Didn't you see the red?
But before I start,

I thought,

Then it's not my time yet to be called.
Then Mother wants me to still continue my life,

I've got a long way to go (if 2012 is not fated to be) and I would meet my idols (currently looking for my Key. ^^)

A blessing it was - my heart didn't skip a beat, and crossers were like "what the heck is he crazy?"
"Crazy person lah sia!"

And I continued walking on.

With a smile.

Trying to be more forgiving and open, the prayer is getting into my head, Mother is helping me, succoring me.

I'm not sure though, that lane today is simply wrong - same road the way back home there was a car that speeded up even though it was red while people started to walk - wahlau crazy lah!

But thank goodness people still abruptly stops.

I didn't even get a spray of water from the truck's tire when it veered.

Now that's what you call total protection. Just like my mother's friend who had her car's engine burnt down absolute melt even the coins inside the dashboard, however the bible was intact with very minimal burn sign.

Thank you for today's fruitfulness dear Lord, Mother Mary, Jesus, Saint Joseph, all the saints and my guardian angel!

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