OMG Indonesians, whut derr fakq are you thinking in a sacred place you guys worship and taking over (as in the major religion) and doing it in a Mosque's toilet, and caught red-handed with the cleaner at night?

And I thought our country's having another dilemma due to the recent natural disasters and its prognostications that might damage our archipelago's surfaces...
Only in Indonesia... (I hope! Speechless.)

On SCTV, October 11, 2009.

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meluvin said...

maybe they really are doing the cleaning in the toilet.. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!
coz referring back to what the news anchor said about the girl is actually staying in the house nearby, why dont they just do it there instead of inside the dirty n nasty toilet (i wont even go in there to pee! HA!)

but see the excited crowds, as if they want to see a free "porn" on the spot. LOL LOL LOL!!!