Thank you for those who have followed my blog for reasons of your own, and many happy returns! =D

It's been long since I've touched by fangirlism, as I was watching Gokusen 3 to brush up more on my Japanese, but whut derr fakq to that for a second or a night, Chuseok, the Korean thanksgiving week is getting major headlines and thus, lots and lots of special Chuseok special shows are inviting super duper shiny stars to their show, and hence let's start the many many thanks to the shows that makes us fangirls' day brighter with laughs and screams!

Notice: This is not for the faint-hearted when seeing milky shiny stars galore at once!

And the Chuseok Special variety show roll... begins!

The whole show divided into part, and to my friends on Fagbook I've given those links, each part that are attached to you; lovers of 2NE1, BB, G-D, Seung-gi, and the unbeatable overloaded with obnoxiousness Jo-Kwon and the rest of his 2AM singers (we share the same birthday by the way! wow wee!
Here's the first link, and the next should show up on the video roll at the end. Special thanks to people who have upload it, there's two, as I see so far...

FOTD face morph!

Anyone can tell me after watching the 10/10 video of this SUPER IDOL show, that Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi special show with EVERYONE being flustered and blushing with aegyoness? I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT.

Interesting YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE CONTEST that brings in the people that do not look like their age (baby faces, darn I shall be in the older than age group >,<) and thus they shall need to say thanks that they have such milky white clean complexion and a face to cheat age.

Younger looking but older than Onew? LOL!

In CHUSEOK SPECIAL STAR DANCE TRIBUTE, (erh, the not so popular stars on the list right now according to K-Pop world),  Junjin & minwoo, Chayeon, Bada, FT Island, 4minute and many others have come around. I do miss Minwoo-oppa's bright smile with eyes gone and my old love as a Primadonna! :)
Yay, thanks for recording and putting it through!

One of my favorites, STAR KING has SHINee minus Bling-bling but oh Key you're so bashful with those little kids how cute yum yum, (again!) and Jo-Kwon and Ong Ong - my beloved obnoxious couple! Absolute entertainment with Jo Kwon and G-D's Heartbreakerrr fever (still going on?)!
Thanks for uploading, and happy Chuseok to you too!

It's been long since I've watched WE GOT MARRIED after the first batch and second couple left, my all-time favorite Alex and Shin-ae and Hwangbo (I'm sure there's another one, but I forgot) and thanks for another special round of introducing a new couple in this holiday week, it's noneother than (AGAIN?!) Jo-Kwon and sexy smexy solo dancer of Abracadabra, Ga-In!

omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo omo!
so cute while he was waiting for Ga-in to come... *squeals ridiculously* 

Then, outrageous Korean shows always knows how to put ratings up, fangirl service! Hongki dancing Genie in HIGH HEELS and looking... uh...

chigeum, celebrating Chuseok imnida~

Randomly, I found this, as I added my friend Peggy and wow, shocked by her profile, replete with all my favorite stars and JJ as her profile pic! OMO! Another fangirl friend fiend in temptation to not work! XD

Whoa, Micky-oppa's hawt hawt hair and attitude and his mom! They're duplicates, that means he's a lucky one, boys getting their mom's faces and vice versa for daughters. Happy mom with a superrrrrr handsome son...

I shall be Korean for this upcoming days, thank youuuuu Chuseok!
Thus far I've found, I shall update more since I'm doing my now, steeped with work.
감사함니다, ㅕ로분! :)

자 (good night)!

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