Très+3 Productive!


Spool wasn't working right but some are worthy to be 'pinch over for cuteness'! (Always use adorable cute terms if dealing with my little brother ;] )


Little Anna and Friends' happy outings (SuperS)

(you little girls are such a mess! I'll clean you up later)


Minhwan's Key trials (holga)

why why why you're all upside down! I'll clean you up later too. 
Mount Bromo in East Java. The early sunrise and the "morning person" volcano, active in such time in the morning already.

 I'm telling you taking care of three babies is not one easy job but they're fine I leave them and they can live by themselves XD
Only gotta bring them to 'hang out' and 'feed' them expensive mediums.

Anyhow, for the LOMO WALL this coming December with LOMONESIA, mom take note, here's the dimensions if I ever send to you the original film (OH NO WHERE IS IT YIKES) and to print ASAP since deadline's on the 25th November! YIKES!

People who are going to be in Indonesia, Jakarta to be specific, in December (around early-mid) please do visit! I hope I still can join I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE MOD'S REPLY AGAINST MY OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY...

Prettie pweashe! Rants and raves are most welcome! :)

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