To the core of the crust.

Dear people who have actually, seriously clicked 'Buy This' - it is actually not for sale but to let me know of who is genuinely interested, I thank you very much. I tried for fun with the new widget for BUY THIS and it looks good too, but also that the TEXT option was somehow weird that I couldn't add any text box. So this refers to this blog post for my rationale file.

This is a zine project from college, filled in with most of my expeditions, writing, interview, articles, and a few  taken from the publications WHITEBOARD JOURNAL.

 Special exclusive interviews includes South Korean fashion designer, based in Paris, SONGZIO, and the president of Bunka Gakuen Japan (the fashion institute there) SATOSHI ONUMA.
In-depth insight of the trip I took (which I've never got around blogging about it but it's still sitting there in my drafts, sorry!) YUNNAN, CHINA, and beautiful captures and flash news in the design world.

Below is the rationale file process for the design aesthetics, color, typeface information, etc. (the dirty bit of the project).

To see the entire project, do visit and appreciate it, as seen below!

See the project here
However, you are still interested up to this point to want to get a copy? For people who are genuinely interested in getting a one-of-a-kind copy with extra oomphs added in the package, I can't thank you enough and I'll do my best to make one-print runs.

Drop me a comment here with your email which is contactable to further communicate! :)

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