First up is that most Singaporeans K-poppers should know (or you are still underaged thus you don't know what's going on) we had a serious K-popfied week with TWO club events just to celebrate K-Pop!

And what was the first installment for a fulfilling week (with SHAUN EVARISTO'S MOVEMENT LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE SANDWICHED ON FRIDAY)? Noneother than SM ENTERTAINMENT's own producers, DJs, and personas BEATBURGER specially flown in from Seoul once again (after their trip for MAMA2011. They were here probably mixing the songs and enjoying themselves. Missed your MAMA 2011 Singapore news? Scroll below here and here) for just one special night to spin and rock the night at Singapore's nominated favorite nightspot and the home for all the riotous fashionable kids because owners Bobby and Ritz certainly can bring an entire artsy fartsy pupils version of Chingay parade to fill in the two rooms, THE BUTTER FACTORY's new WEEKLY Thu night, GAJA!

(Yes I cannot bloody believe it we now have a resident permanent night just to hear some K-pop blasting and to shed more calories comparing to just watch your favorite pretty boys on Youtube and press repeat for another gazillion times after that and still SCREAMING to the same moment and scene, I can feel you right about there. K-Pop fans who are night owls REEEEEJOICE)

Without further ado, it's back at the showdown between the daebak parties held last weekend, goodbye baby, goodbye normal life!

•Beatburger Greg and Gina unni of CINQSWAN•

GAJA! at Butter Factory

1. Performanceship

A nondescript experience comes with the package for this Gaja! debut. Like, COME ON, the name itself of SM Entertainment proudly boasts to have the highest market share from the Trinity of South Korean music industry for 2011 reports and still is going strong for their girls are throwing themselves to the USA pit, and my panjjak panjjak boys are having the best time of their lives yet in JPN.

Now, it's their sunbaes coming and making an ah-maaaaazing performance all K-pop dancers which I usually see 'em around other K-pop parties around town, dubbed as SNSD boys or something, gaped and cheered. THIS IS, LIKE, AN APPROACHABLE ONE AND ONLY (YET) SM PEOPLE IN THE SAME LEVEL AND DANCE FLOOR AS YOU ARE! AND THEY'RE DANCING TO THE SONGS YOU LIKE MOST!

For anyone who loves SM but has  no more moolah left because you bought VIP moshpit tickets for K-Pop Night, SNSD, MAMA, SS3, K-pop Heal the World and many others, this is your remedy as they're the producers and choreographers. THEY DID IT IN ONE SMOOTH MOTION. OH GOOD SLUR LOOORD.
(#OMONA, #OMONA, #OMONA, #FangirlMomentWithoutTheNosebleed, #FanboyMoment)

2. Variety
There's the special dance team (with Gina unni saengnim who teaches us those K-pop dance at KTO, yo!) , there's them spinning, there's them dancing (Jae and Greg) with you, there's him (Stephen) in a guitar, there's him (Jae) crooning his rock star vocability,  and also with a big huge bottle of booze to feed everyone in front of him like his piss. Don't get me wrong, this is the true euphoria of such rock concert. A club with a rock concert attitude as it has a party stage all can go gaga to. 

All-round experience for the debut night, 100% satisfied and entertained. Since again, they have the name to hold, and it's at Butter, so well, you do need this kind of excitement to keep 'em coming. Which I assure you they are.
1. Crowd
They're the real dudes and riot grrlz  that parties till' they see the sunlight! K-Pop or not,  even collared ahjusshi's are seen to enjoy themselves, let alone Caucasians.
"Wait, are they in the wrong party?"

That's what I thought but well, again, this IS the crowd that knows well how to party regardless of anything in between. Ladies who are #fangirlwithshrieksandnosebleed, you've got an additional point: there were the handsome oppas around! No no, we know there are two types of Koreans. The ones you see in the street and you were dissapointed because he doesn't look like Lee Jun Ki. And the rest, you see them on TV like Noh Min woo. For this night, they were  like Soong Joong Ki's and Lee Min Ho's, I AM NOT KIDDING YOU. SINCE WHEN I LIE. Start unleashing your estrogen ladies, because boys, you could spread a lot of pheromone but I don't see as much Korean girls around as the guys. Although there is. So not to worry boys and girls who are looking for a prospectus of wearing a Hanbok for wedding, you both have equal chances. Play nice, OK! It's not rugby. It's Taekwondo. You still bow in respect before prancing on your target.

You dance K-pop or not we  don't care, we just wanna hook some oppas to tapao. Like any other Ladies night or Friday's night.

[Why safe? Doh. K-pop is still a safe thing after all. Probably but not after today. ㅋㅋㅋ. I leave that imagination entirely up to you.]

1. Music

Of course, the warm-up WITHOUT ANYONE at the deck which made me restless because it was more of a karaoke in a huge room (BUMP) where all fans were singing along whilst dancing (there was still space).

Because most of the songs were not upbeat or isn't upbeat enough to be danced to, and it's only played auto by iTunes, I saw at least people were on the dance floor but my friends and I only did a shrug of shoulders and held a fake microphone instead and singing along to either ballad songs of 2NE1 (can't recall) and other.

Well, sorry I am bias to 2NE1, you no mess with any Blackjacks.

It was an #awkwardmoment once again but rest assured, at least people were on the dance floor.

To the point on why music is only getting a B-, is because in what world that the crowd starts to cheer "Kay Pop Kay Pop" due to the lack of K-pop songs played? It was weird, but I did join in.

After that  I did my share of research and well, the event didn't exactly state that it was a 100% K-Pop night. "K-Pop Chart Toppers" as they say, which of course they did play, but I guess it was a dismissal. I'm writing as a view of K-pop fans, so I am with the same group who chants for more K-Pop. I was dissapointed that although MY SONG AND SONG OF THE YEAR 'I AM THE BEST' was played and hell yeah was it good to hear it every time I go to any K-pop club now, there was a significant lack of K-pop songs.

I respect the Beatburger dudes spinning the now in western tracks, mixing it well but most of them I am disconnected to, and because it is in the house of Butter Factory, and it's not the Kids party we know, guys, you gotta know that around you, there are still collared-off-from-work dudes and angmohs and ones who seem to be oblivious with K-pop somehow but in for any good music.   Albeit the  lollapalooza of the DJs presence and all, you should know too that  Koreans don't like their own tunes, remember?

Albeit it was a lack of it that I stopped and rested too, that was how much we K-pop fans yeeeeeeeeearrrrrrned for more K-pop tracks. 

1. Space

First, Butter Factory's decisions took me aback with holding Gaja! at BUMP, their bigger room. I was skeptical, "really? We need a space this big? Because all I know is that K-pop fans are crying girls under 18 who can't join."

When I entered, the place wasn't as deserted as I thought even when no one was exactly spinning on deck. I nodded my head in being impressed and be excited to take part on the dance floor.  It was sad that no one particularly dressed-up like a Seoulian party - or chadchad's photos are beguilling enough to look like Seoul but actually taken in London.

Once the set had a spark to start,  everyone was then CROWDING THE FRONT WITHOUT MERCY. A+ for their enthusiasm. But then, the next problem rose:

"Everyone, please make a circle!"

What, you'd want to make a circle t the sardine can dance floor, ya jeongmal mitcho? I was already gaping for air like a fish trapped out of water and we were first confused by how Greg spoke it, until the security came and put their steady hands out, out, to give space.

OoOoOoOooooooooh, make space lah what's so hard.
What's hard you tell me? WE HAVE NO MORE SPACE. By midnight, Bump was crowded from the dance floor to the VIP, but not from the entrance. Still then, it was hard to see anything because then we were pushed even further to make space for the girls to dance The Boys which erupted in madness!

Continuing on, it was going to be quite a show show show if Greg and Jae had all the space in the world of the dance floor. THEIR EPIC PERFORMANCE to hype it all up, was a bit restricted yet still a hat-tipper-topper-puller lungs deflating act in this limited space. The seniors who bash our boys and girls (seniority, fangirls and boys, don't bite them, they ought to reprimand when your biases did a mistake or cannot sing)  

I don't know how they do it, they did it. They did those hard techno broken dance moves in that teeny space.

Afterwards, the PARTY STARTED #FuckYeah.
Fakq yeah, we didn't have enough space to move or dance to it was fantastically hot.
However, this is safe to stay that it shows Gaja! will be here to stay at BUMP. 

(btw, juuuust kidding chad!)

1. "Excitement uncontrolled when the DJ comes down to play, hell yeah!"
2. All-the-way-from-South-Korea (read: direct import) acts. Anything else?
3. Anyone who loves K-pop, and are not considered kids, get yourself invited here THIS INSTANT.

Other than I couldn't dance much nor perspire as much as I did as DJ MASA because 95% I know all the songs. I had rests in between for most half of the time I do not know, and because there was a restricted space to dance, I only dance with 10% effort. Swinging and do a full swag movement will cause an uproar of protest of  taking over the dance floor with dancing incapabilities. HA.
This is the party to go for you kids older than 18, loves K-pop, but still in tune with the rest of world (not like me. I am only in my own Asianic bubble, judge me now). Plus, see  the category that got the score of A. Now you'll know why we'll all come back.

However, in case you missed next week...

Don't worry, it is here to stay as a Thursday permanent.

Watch out for this week's boy comin' to town, DJ BURGER KANG! (No the name doesn't have to do anything. Why do Koreans obsess over 'burger'? That's to you too 'Burger' Kim, kkk~)
Here's how to bring in your friends to join you to party on a Thursday night and forget what Friday is (a working day) by sharing this WDFIV Showdown review for your SNS needs,
This is the review In 10 words or less...
An Asian night Thursday regular, more opportunities to eye-candy baby!


This commentary is written to no-offence to anyone or to bash. Solely based on opinion, experience and knowledge, this is to make your life easier to choose where to spend your precious hours at rather than hiding in that mouse hole and do shake your tummy (read: LAUGH, don't be uptight! Enjoy the words). Apologies if it were to tick you at any way or form. Now get your latest Hallyu affairs and entertainment feeds here and here.

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