As most of you Singaporeans K-poppers should know (or you are still underaged thus you don't know what's going on) we had a serious K-popfied week with TWO club events just to celebrate K-Pop!

I was friggin' to death frigcited. I mean, can I celebrate that I'm in the right time and right place once again this week? WHUTderrFAKQizVAT now brings you the continuing talk.

As for my best pal Carlos aka DJ MASA whom we first officially met back in the days (May 2011) hung out and he did a party and I went undercover as his video person behind his Singapore trip, and now as chingus are also the most crucial person to say the truth. And also for everyone's information for all Hallyu wavers out there, here is the breakdown of the event as the showdown continues on with Saturday's JigAsia Entertainment (17 Dec 2011) ULTIMATE K-POP PARTY WITH DJ MASA!

Yep, he sure looks better and better with his new haircut and after being and breathing in the same air as the CUBE kids from their CUBE Concert in Brazil... You'd have to read more in his special interview here!

I'm not going to tell you anymore general details - it's time for the points given.


Score: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
1. Music
I know that I have been to the greatest party (#FuckYeahDanceTillTheWorldEnds) when I am contented to know I have perspired and headbanged  much to burn enough calories to eat a 5 slices of pizza today for the first meal (the very morning after). As MASA has promised from where we met during the party at Gaja!,  "Don't worry, it'll be 100% K-Pop."

Well, I shouldn't say 100% K-Pop , it's  about 95% of it. But that didn't matter nor I didn't complain or there wasn't a crowd cheering for "Kay pop kay pop!" However so, he has chosen the correct English tracks for the majority to know the song.  For those of you who have joined me since the humble beginnings here and knows me back from middle school, I have ditched western pop and I don't know anyone except the ones that are repetitively played at public places that I can groove into.

And so if most of you had spotted me around the front side of the deck, and sometimes I don't dance, it's because it's not the DJ's problem to not play K-pop songs. It's  MY problem that I don't know the latest K-pop songs.
Yes believe it or not, for the latest new rookie whatever mushrooming bands, I don't give 'em my eye just yet  (I've been darn busy and Music Bank has just been so ever boring, or K-Pop is seriously getting its toll on me now?!) and even Masa asked me, " Did you recognized that new mashup?" I had to meekly answer,
"Is it that one? No? Then  it's the mashup with the tunes I don't know , not because I don't know your stuff, but I don't even know the actual song or artist."
(me: #epicfail. masa: #winftw)


2. Passion
What else can I say? This dude's got the skills, wanted more perfection to improve and  chose to stuck waht he believed in which until today I still assume he got called off his day job because he was late to return to his office on Tuesday (arrival day) from his first trip to Singapore. Carlos, correct me if I'm wrong.

This time, by the demand of his fans, and of our input that we wanted a live mix, he did went out to get his own set (did you read my interview yet?! You betcha. Scroll up again and click on that link.) and studied it all out to give out his best latest performance yet and giving the first dibs on his new mashups, "I did 6 in 2 days!"
He, transported us to a serious K-Pop realm dimension in a night.

If you're still wondering now how much effort exactly did he put into his  performance tonight?

Yoogeun will tell you how much as much he loves my girl.
He's a total #WIN.

Score: B+
1. Crowd
 Right on, compared to the one at Butter Factory, I'd have to say the crowd is different and it goes back to the label  that's been around and I've acknowledged it as well that a "K-pop party is for kids". It starts early from 7, and ends by midnight like Cinderella. But I don't mind. I'm a good kid so I never complain, I'm only after the song and because I love it, nothing more. I enjoy kids party more than the usual roudy parties. Dear friends who are reading this knows how I'm  the wrong person to ask to go out clubbing except a K-Pop party.

ANYWAY, the crowd, small but the regular, devoted and the 'cult' members (This one's for you Ms Chia. We enjoy K-pop morning, day and now at night. Can you live our lives?).

I felt terrible for Yoo Jaesuk look-a-like warmup DJ for no one danced to the song.  But again, I did note about this at Gaja!, that even though no one was particularly playing in the set, it was empty at the dance floor but eople are still around as it is a strictly given dimension of a dance floor, which invites people at least, to stand up inside the zone without a choice if you don't have a table.

•One agrees with me. Situation at the warm up, reported by D. Tan from the party's event Facebook. Yes, he saved the day!•

Nonetheless, as said, the crowd in comparison to Gaja! are the ones who truly in for the K-pop scene. The ones in front of the deck (read: ME being 미친) are the ones who truly enjoy and KNOW all the K-Pop dance by heart. There wasn't many as most chose to stay behind still. A smaller, more  centric crowd to enjoy it together - which I prefer! ;p

If Gaja! was literally being pushed like sardine in a factory can, this was jalapeno pickles in preservative water. Still could see spaces behind me as there's only another person and not another 5 layer more.
Again, not everyone's problem though.

As long as you enjoy the night, Hell YEAH.

Score: C
1. Warm-up Atmosphere (Interior)
At this venue,  there were tables crowding the way so as humans, as I would to, we  would be drawn to just sit and awkwardly dance within just the tables which I DID because yeah, the awkwardness of the empty dance floor... But I do like this much more spacious club.  But it doesn't help the event...

Obviously. We were anticipating for MASA to spin which was slated to start around 9-9.30PM. By the time then, the people gathered around, but still, which I kind of liked and be thankful was I HAD SPACE TO DANCE. Kkkkkkkkkkk~

At Gaja!, because of the hefty performanceship and the regular goers of Butter  they weren't afraid to dance becuase,  IT ISN'T CATEGORIZED AS A KIDS PARTY. (Goodness syntax grammar error there but whatever). It was seriously packed with  people crowding and wanting to be part of the dance and space was tiny to move.

On the other hand, back at DBL'O, DJ MASA's first performance, it was pretty much full house on the dance floor BECAUSE THERE AREN'T TABLES! I have to say that the fever euphoria is much at a higher octane during the first, but the music is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO  GHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

This time round, I have to say that the crowd was pretty mblgmblmbmglm because the chairs are comfy, riiiiiiiight whoever was sitting behind there ? At least they were there to enjoy to be inside a serious K-pop realm.

1. "Brought K-Pop party to an entirely new whole level by knowing what K-pop fans like and wants"
2. Real K-Pop fans will have space to dance!
3. Although most of you guys are shy!

LOL never mind on the third, I did give it a miss for the warm-up because literally NO ONE was at the dance floor, and it is another suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper #awkwardmoment situation when it is. 
For the 2nd, big shoutout to Lydia of (x)clusive - a true SONE and she KNOWS  her K-Pop moves dayyyuuuum well, took over our zone to dance the entire K-pop mashups  like mad! Now this is how K-pop party is done. As long as one of your pals in the dance floor knows  all the dance steps, you've got your K-pop night covered of F U N.

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