Because of my own wanting to kind of create this sort of thing without a demand and only for the sake of laughing, WHUTderrFAKQizVAT brings you a new commentary column of similar juxtaposition of things! This first debut would be on the TWO K-POP PARTIES HELD LAST WEEK. Super daebak week I tell you, and as a comparison between the two and why you should go.
Click on them, and it leads you to the report card of the party.


After the cut,
if you're interested is to "see what I wore to the event."
I haven't update my wearing outfit post in gazaisdjfawoeilzlaaaaiiillion online blog light years for the two events which most of you aren't interested unless you'd want to see the only girl dressing like someone coming out from a 2NE1 casual/house clothes-labelled wardrobe.

"Seriously, you look like 2NE1 leh." my baka imouto commented before going out.
"So colorful."

Now I get that. Points for being colorful for GAJA! Debut I made such an effort so Jae and Greg and Steph could point out boomz here's the Gaja grrl. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~

Yeah right.

•wearing River Island dress, Feiyue shoes, bag from Yunan trip. Accessories: watchcessory from UNKL47, DIY hair piece, random broken glued with UHU red dummy glasses.•

Yes, that was a DIY hair-piece. I wanted something from the Pop Art Movement but I was watching and creating this 1 hour before event while watching KBS World Glory Jane.
Yeah, but I like it anyways.

Oh no, the shoes came that way, I didnt purposely buy it half half, I don't have enough Ka-Chings yet to purchase Made in China shoes marketed in France and French price as 2nd rank loved sneaker culture. Tee hee. They're seriously good though. Good brand to take a look and learn.

•reads: the party name! Let's go!•

Ah, sense something? This will be a new Tweet pic face starting next year. Trademark Twitter photo profile is to not show face but surprisingly, I DID Just for this season and the celebratory of the boys AZIATIX on their winning. Hurrah!

Two days later:

Happy early Christmas with cuties of the Christmas characters and pisseeeed that the Nutcracker, on why we wanted to take pictures in the first place, ain't looking at the camera. P!)*(U_!(*#(*%JOIJFPIEWEOI*(##* WDFIV.

Putting the two things I haven't worn in forever, this black and black quick fix for my outfit, it works!

Black and black. Been a while!

•I had no time and no idea what to wear. Creative juice was juiced out on Thursday. Quickly pulled a black (Elohim top) & black (liquid leggings) with my usual gem collar accessory for the night. Out with sandals, I want to dance like mad, thanks•

yeh yeh, I got covered.

Now, go back up and enjoy the SUPER COMMENTARY COLUMN SHOWDOWN.

Lovely if you could tell me if you agree, disagree, loved, laughed, raved, hate, and everything down below on the post or holler up to me.

Happy holidays 2011! Feels so like Christmas now. Aw aw aw. Bite grit teeth at home eating ice cream alone.

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