And so there's been this frenzy going on with a journo from Strait Times in which I didn't catch.
(Well, sorry that I have not been in touch on my Twitter [which I have moved as a Specialist on KLOUT yay! Not that it matters to you], nor Facebook).

Well, a day after this, I have an announcement that this post is updated. I just finished watchin KBS Entertainment Weekly. They were talking how K-Pop lyrics are so boggling on how empty the meaning and all their glizy blitzy music. They too, are talking and critical about it but can't do anything as it is such a major contribution into the pop culture and arts wave, in which why Singapore is getting some moolah thanks to this too.

Pop Critic Im Jinmo states that this situation with the English wannabe and weird lyrics that you force English inside the song makes "K-pop deem shallow and cheap..." and another media person says, "but when you see pretty faces and cool dances, you forget everything about the lyrics."

So Ms Chia, before you regurgitate your inmost opinion on national paper, you should know that Koreans themselves actually are anti-kpops. You're not alone. Or, the Koreans I know, such as my classmates and peers that are around me 95% they seriously do not like K-Pop, as it's rare to find a Korean outside of Korea who is a crazy fan like me. That explains how 80% of MAMA votes are overseas. Teenage years onwards and ones who live overseas hates K-Pop so much, and they reward me the label of walking K-Gossip dictionary when I asked a new scandal news which they just give a shrug over.

This new move I think, is because why I ditched western pop in the first place when I first met K-pop.

Sick of K-pop Cult [in Singapore]

The headline first greets.

It's a local media here in Singapore and the journo, Adeline Chia (which I am surprise she's got her fan page, maybe I should start making one for pictures and videos which didn't make the cut for OUR favorite K-Pop and J-stars, who's up? I'M HEARING YOU BELOW. LOL /hangmealready)

 Let's break down her rants in this first ever utterubishing of the year before you can try and comprehend how do you say whutderrfakqizvat.


It's seriously been a long time since I utterubbish, a column here on my blog to say concrete opinions, no-offence taken.

I found whatever picture I had uploaded here, this must be DBSK when they were at their glorious days, but like what Chia says, they don't "live a life that's like a movie" which caused their 13-year contract to end and move out and to form JYJ.

 The plastic fantastic making machine (read: trinity of the Korean entertainment, and latest new ones for the new fresh too-young-to-even-sing-or-act-or-have-low-voice boy groups that has been sprouting like wild mushrooms) has only one aim: MOOLAH MAKING MACHINE.

Don't you know how much they rake in MERCHANDISES (which I fell that when I was younger, now I know better to not spend... NOT) and SINGLE SALES (seriously not worthed but it is because how beautifully packaged it is and the PHOTOBOOKS) and PHOTOBOOKS (for further emphasis). I BET TONS OF GIRLS MELTED OVER THAT JAEJOONG SCENE (that's why I screenprint and I was oogling over it.  Couldn't find the post of where I used this pic but I found this EPIC one instead for good)

Everyone still with me and agrees?

Now I'm a fan here, I've been in the Hallyu Wave since late 2005, which makes me a proud veteran to support and enjoy this entertainment, but I am rational and I'm in the middle. Continuing my profession to upgrade myself as a 'professional fangirl' by being a journalist, my previous and upcoming background in media and culture studies proved further for me to make a point and to lead everyone, young and old, to please see both sides. Don't get rushed off, see left and right when you cross or you'll get hit.

"To any disinterested observer, it was a blatant rip-off. To the fans, it was like communing with the gods. It was a uniquely depressing experience but during the show, I couldn not put my finger on the reason."

I cannot agree more. But this is a movement called ˆsafest way to do business, 110% guarantee REVENUE" event. I was at one last year and I've forgotten to multiply the ticket price to my home country's currency which I usually do becuase I am blinded by the news that my gods are coming (Haaaaail JYJ). It was like VVVIP ticket if it were to be back home and I got like faraway seats for a friggin' showcase. But well, since we love them so very much we will support them till the end, right?


That's the power of fans. Without us, the entertainment industry will never start.
General rule, people, there's a demand, there'll be high-octane selling supply. Hot cakes, krispy donuts, you name it.
Ms Chia, didn't you learn this in business class?

Don't tell me you're loosing to me in knowing the world of competitive stocks and loan sharks.

"A lot has been made about the Hallyu Wave, the unstoppable South Korean pop culture tsunami that has washed up on the shores of the world, conquering music charts, television ratings and the wall space of adolescents’ rooms.
I am heartily sick of it. Every bit of it. The manufactured sounds, the ersatz emotions, the clone-like stars, the cult-like, weepy fandom."

 I understand. It's because how Singapore is such a lucrative city to make the moolah churn for all K-pop. Remember the days where we whutderrfakq Thailand back in 2007-2008 because all K-pop stars seem to go there and greet fans and never in Indonesia and rarely in Singapore? I know I did lament it every time I met my Thai friends.

And then I was crying and screaming of joy when K-POP NIGHT CONCERT 2008 as the first ever concert in Singapore, without any tickets that are sold but is pretty full house to my mom, "MOM I CAME TO SINGAPORE AT THE RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE RIGHT MOMENT. Fandom support finally pays off after watching religiously every night of ArirangTV, I now get to see Wonder Girls 'Nobody' live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And Nobody was, in fact, the song of the year in 2008, and in Bugis street today, it is still repetitively, on the loop, played by that juice stall.

 I have to stop reminiscing as my fangirl spaz keeps on surfacing...

At any case however, I wonder why you are even sick of it in the first place... if you only see us trending it on Twitter, and see overnight queues, and you hear it once in a while because it's well, JOB CALLS, you can't push it on your culture vulture - you're already making negative comments in this contemporary culture that we all agree it's taking over the world. I know - why don't you kindly decline the offer to cover the event - and pass the job onto a colleague who I would believe would appreciate it more?

I 've met the press peeps as in the same position as you and I are - some of them are totally clueless about it, in which the general remark is "they look all the same!!!!!" which I totally understand. Unless you're an actual fan, all the girls are like hot off the taiyaki pancake making at ION B4.

Unless otherwise stated, I would have to take sides with K-Pop now that if you're writing this because you're only a person who's examining us from the reflective bubble surface, you're only seeing yourself. If you're inside the bubble, that means you have already been exposed the ins and outs, and finally pop the bubble to get out of the 'ridiculous' cult group you say but so at least your say is much more substantial than what it is now, a recycled grey paper, in the bin by this hour.

You are sick of it - then please explain what Beliebers are. Beiber is a good competitor in his seventeens, and arguably has bigger fanclub than what Cassiopeia (TVXQ) is.

"This seems to be the drill: Train some nice-looking kids in a star factory. Assemble a group of them. Give them a name that is an abbreviation for something or just a random collection of letters and numbers.
The girls must have stick-thin arms and legs and the boys must look a bit like girls. Next, produce a song that is the demon child of lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas. Throw in Autotune, hip-hop beat and strong synth lines. Make a video that is a mini movie, featuring the stars doing synchronised dance moves while the back-up dancers gurn at the sides.
Voila! You have a viral hit."

Only one explanation Ms Chia.

(OH! It works. I didn't plan this post to have this title beforehand and this pun worked! Sasuga, watashi-wa, hyahahahahaha)

Let me explain how the K-Pop works - leave talented Wheesung, Leessang, 8ight, VOS, SG Wannabe, etc. alone, they're not part of K-Pop we're talking about here - they focus on spur of the moment boom.
A quick escalation to popularity, and to find a long downhill after 3-4 weeks. Senior groups would last longer as their popularity soars and most music channels keep them up 1st place due to votes. Once in a while, a song of the year appears. The last time I know, it's a fight between Nobody and Abracadabra...
This year's song of the year, 2NE1, though I voted for them, have to say it's short-lived. But it is song of the year because not only I hear the song is used at GAG Concert and aptly fits well, it also is a stance for the girl groups to be so dominant and have the guts to say 'I AM THE BEST." Maybe your perception can change if you were to watch YG Concert hopefully next yaer as their concept is far then the 'Formuta T' you're talking about. And which this formula is implemented.

"I worry about these starlets who are worked to the bone and whose careers last as long as their good looks. Then they are discarded like rag dolls."

I feel you Ms Chia. I feel the very same way that this industry is so about the looks and popularity and not judged by the real vocal skill and how big their lungs capacity is. Sadly, it is the world we are at, and it goes in the same for fashion. I feel bad for the boyband "Boyfriend" as it so doesn't appeal to me but  a lot to younger girls because they're "SO CUTEEEEEEEEE."

Once they're not cute, they are down the drain. Should know that this K-Pop is the tapao entertainment - takeaway, instant and quickly be discarded once you're done with it. Fans ages 17 and above should start reasoning well on why they like other than "because they're handsome!" and I sure to believe to hope that they will stick to them till the end, sometimes even until they disband.

"Recently, watching a sea of red lightsticks keeping beat to a song made me and my companion grab on to each other. Eyes wide in terror, we communicated wordlessly for fear of persecution. Our faces said this: ‘Are we at a cult gathering?’
K-pop is also unique in inspiring extreme behaviour from fans and generating psychosis. Cyber-bullying and online smear campaigns are common practices by anti-fans who target a certain entertainer they hate."

Aww, please don't say that, I am a bit offended by this. We're not a cult, we're a family who supports one group. Isn't it the same if you loved Brad Pitt when you were in your teenage years? Or watching your Keeping Up with Your Hollywood nutty-empty-headed stars every week and gape over them?

Since we're proud Asians, we do things our way to show our support. I have been in this 'underground' weird cult then since I first met it in 2005 and I am proud that I have stuck and went through with it in the nightmare of highschool where I was the only one going balls with K-Pop and dramas and all things Korean - and here it is, payback time. I have reaped my hard work. And I am still a proud Cassie, VIP, Blackjack, Fluxus girl, whatever you call, and even more proud that I am part of the hot movement of the year.

Overnight Q's and restless nights with tents on the street isn't new - it might be for you, but if you were to travel and have seen the world the worst and best of East and West, Harry Potter fans queued like hazzard 1 WEEK BEFORE, worst than us K-Pop (which I still think it's ridiculous). But that's how we show our love.

Now please save me from a sea of PINK LIGHTSTICKS tomorrow (one down today) full of boys, and not girls. The cheers, Ms Chia, should I state the obvious, isn't the high-pitch scream from the cult you went to, but tenor to bass-pitched, or more like lions roaring, in the sold-out, full house Indoor Stadium. I think SNSD's voices will drownnnnnnnnn because hunters are on prowl for your not-so-juicy lean-cut thighs.

So yeah, deal with it, we're making a tsunami.
F4 from Taiwan last time made a serious damage to even domestic' helpers everywhere, why hsould this be any different?

Westlife, all went crazy too.

After that, so sad that boybands died down in the West.

Then, came along FINKL, HOT, GOD... and the rest is history when it slowly climbs to popularity and now sky-rocketing so fast that it will hit its Maturity peak soon, so don't you worry Ms Chia. Singapore, will get over it next year, when I leave. Next year will be the final year before fangirls grow up, saying its 'oh another K-Pop act' and not '!@3$*()&#%(*@#&%)(@*&)!@(*&$)(*& they're coming!!!!!'  and wasting about $150 average per event, tax and service and hardship not included.

*taps blackboard furiously*

Fellow students and fangirls and fanboys, let us recap what we have learnt today.
Behind all creatives, unless labelled on our foreheads 'dying artists', is a COMPANY.
Where it is a company, it would only sustain if there are positive revenues.
If there are no profits created, then it is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.

So, before you even try and say we are weepy crying fans all over made boys who lasts only how pretty they look, and vice versa for fanboys all over SNSD goddesses today and tomorrow, without us making hype, without them making idols, without the world to have a place, WE JOURNALISTS AND REPORTERS WILL HAVE NO LIFE IF IT ISN'T FOR THEM. HALLELUJAH FOR FREE EVENTS FOR ME although a few I don't have a clue at all what or who I'm watching (I don't support rookies until I see them live and they impress me then OK).

Thank goodness for events in this tiny country, what if there's no K-Pop? Your advertising media rates won't rise high during MAMA 2011 live screening raking millions, and local magazines who just puts any K-Pop star for its cover gets a boost of 30% sales higher, well, see the good side. If you have war, Singapore can drown any single time. You got no lions to take care of you now Ms Chia, because,

quote unquote a pal of mine, "you've messed with the biggest fan group in the world of K-Pop."

Then in my speculations, MAMA 2011 is a joint effort of CJ and YourSingapore. Of course, tourism in Singapore has gotten a slight boost and name now. And they're trying to seriously make a 1 trillion won deal or so. But if let's say they're signing the deal on Monday, and this article you have written is published, I wonder what the Ministry of Tourism have to say by reading their citizen writing in a negative point of view of regurgitating the obvious facts of the industry.

They would ring you to death and will shrill that 'SO WHAT THEY'RE LIVE-BARBIE AND KEN-MAKING FACTORY, WE WANT THE MOOOOOOOOO LAH!"

Oops, you've screwed a 1 trillion won deal.

See you at Super Show 4! (Maybe)

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