Guess what I found at my college's library?
The Debut Edition of Melissa Plastic Dreams shoes magazine, entitled (duh) Plastic Dreams
August / Sept (Fall issue I suppose) 2011!

And as placed as being one of the most natural, colorful places in the world with vast habitats in ecology, South America - Brazil, is truly the place to visit after looking at the article! (Wait. this is off-track). Anyhow, featuring some of my cuts which I dug out with an apparent similar color palette suiting the magazine.

Katy Perry is the first model used for the cover, with her inside for sure showcasing Melissas and a styling confusion - from Topshop to high-end designer labels, is Melissa wanting to show that it can be used all over? Your take.

All peektures should be able to be clicked en enlarge, I suppose.

• Sorry Katy fans! Didn't dig the editorial much of her here but I like this shoes above so I took it out. •

Don't mind me being a rowdy pink kid a while - this was the outfit of the day when I met Mademoiselle Yulia. Yeah, THAT GIMME GIMME girl x Fafi. One that remembers me (hopefully) that I sent her a snap of KTZ's Sasha. She's amaaaayzinggggg but I didn't get to meet the VERBAL dude :(

Wearing head-to-hip in KTZ. Isn't the pink-tassled vest stunning?! Get it here for anyone in SE Asia - I got mine here since I live in Singapore myself. Ha!

Of course, who doesn't love our lady of punk and funk : Vivienne Westwood? I still love her to this very day!! But nonetheless I don't seem to like any of her Melissa shoes...
(look at her creations from the olden days to today! Special timeline just for her~)

But, I like Alexander Herchhovitch, the other hitmaker (like my nails! *wishing)! Love his shoes and designs, epicly the bondage boots for his RTW 2009 collection.

• DIVA ring, OPI colors that matches the Rose print Tee worned. Yeah, that IS my original nail, anyone asking •

So onto the beautiful, fashion editorial world-class standard for plastic pairs of Melissa's from JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier's) and plastic fantastic Barbie girls, I really love this editorial Tropical Delirium:

And not forgetting that SERIOUSLY SCREAMS MY STYLE, fluttering parrots in the midst of the Amazonian forest, with bows and ribbons twined and colorful pouffed hair

In a special column, names from Blonde Salad Chiara came up whom once Ira told me about her, (and we're both so dead in blogging and moved onwards in our offline life, LOL) and I was pretty obsessed with the beautiful name of the beholder - no stalker attached here but it gives such a pretty ring to it - and rhymes like Fererro chocolate,

(drifting again. We have a SAS: short attention span problem)
but I noticed one that I really knew well. This is,  Around the World where Melissa fans dwell and is famous for being in their own skin!

Well I was hesitant at first ! However after reading it and somehow to check the site link written it is correct - they didn't state it but tinytoadstool, the super kawaii creations Shan makes I can't stand it and here she is!

And how I STILL DREAM OF GOING THERE. SOUTH AMERICANOOOOO WHEN WILL I VISIT YOUUUU AND TAHAN THE 21-hour fly travel. Rio de Janeiro of Furious Five, Youth Day in 2013, then drop a visit to Machu Picchu... /daydream for now

Check out their article on about their rainforests and the country in INTO THE WILDhow they influenced the world thru their natural habitat and on their design processes of Melissa.

Short attention span, I shall sojourn to my own wealth of my final year project (dealing with SAS and all that jazz), fashion-focused project.
Wait for it next year! Until then, I'm signing off after another probably 5 more posts (if I can make it) for this year.

Just came back from Anime Festival Asia 2011, will be doing Sundown Festival and, not forgetting the Mnet Asia Music Awards later end of the month. Woots!

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