This was for THEM.SG initiative act for getting (a nicer pun would be=) curating 10 peeps to create a fashion film out of their own curiousity and intent on what fashion is for about them. I've spotted a couple peeps from my homeland who's currently shakin' the fashion industry there, and with the DJ also hailing from Indonesia!

Pretty awesome initiation, a toast to them!

This was on early May 2011,

They're also updating their page on interviews with peeps shakin' the Singapore scene, so check 'em out! It is design, arts, media and everything in between that interrelates.

The usual face seen and scene, Nadzzzzzzzz.
First pic of the above is (almost) all my former seniors back in college. Could see Ily behind looking down... Ha!

And after a long while since I've posted this set of photos, this is what I wore on that day. The pants were considered lucky pants - I never came to like it but for the fun I tried it on, and it was in tightly my size but it was cosmically gorgeous. 
No, I don't play dress up all the time in the office. Not all the time!

•wearing The Balletcats Girl with Shoehat tee, KTZ dropcrotch jeans, Irregular Choice heels•

light injected photos.

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PeachPixie said...

You are FABULOUS! You style is amazing, seriously I am in AWE of you.