You'll never hear me ask once and for all to go out at midnight all the way to a club.
You'd give me an incredulous look in a second, blink in disbelief, but go 'hurrah!' on the next.

Well, that was only one night, for only one reason - to see fancyHIM and THE Peli spin for the night all the way from TOKYO! Omaigotto, when else?

And since N.thanael Shaf Stefan and the usual hood are there to do some dance moves as said...

So here it was - and I love the design of the poster/flyer/image here!

Back to topic, they're pals with MLLE YULIA too, so they're the heart of the Tokyo clubbing scene. And the fashion part for sure which I was aiming for.

It's a mask ball, and from its description, a mask is a must. I was stucked for a bit but luckily I had a mask somewhere safe kept since a couple years back.

So of course, I had to prepare. As geeky as I'd get for all things Nippon, here's what I did to plan beforehand:

•uh, yeah, that's supposed to be me in a big bun on top, with whatever drawing and the additional last minute change from necklace to hair piece of my baskin robbins spoon 'cessary... and the mask.•

When I was re-reading for a gazillionth time after the night of N'TH (click on the picture to support em! I love love love this free, yes freeeeeee magazine in SG) and saw Peli on their Droptokyo street style, I was even more overwhelmed. That's why she was even more familiarly refreshed on my head! *And I like that girl on her left with her colorful skirt*

Yeah, to cut things short, I prepared just as I drew on the above for the tee. I've been keeping this tee for some time - it's and old tee of my dad's used for soaking up the last bits of dye I did during the summer (POST WILL COME NOT ANYTIME SOON HA) and after contemplating plus watching the latest SHINee Juliette video which put me to fashiongasmic of its styling and the toy masks, I tried to cut like le wife's pink tee turn something liddat on left here.

•snap away and cut cut cut with full on accessories on the night•

With a few changes from knee-high black socks to leopard prints and being the earthy-theme'd helped by Miss President Director of BS Corporation Damian Shirley I was ready to rumble and to be looked at weirdly. Yeah, you be the judge. ;)

The theme for me was all out and the night where I felt like I was supposed to be in 原宿(Harajuku). ふわふわふわ〜

•When it becomes a necklace, and the fancyHIM goodie in my bag~

•wearing unbranded colorful tee (inside), DIY black-dyed self die-cut tee, Batik Semar dress as jacket, old navy brown wool shorts, leopard stockings, unbranded yellow sandal wedgeswearing all most of my chunky bracelets gotten from Turkey, Diva metal ring, small crotchet bag from Yunan, Glo-in-dark rosary, DIY Spoon haircessory and the mask•

Got little goodies perfect for my pin collection and next DIY-ing, and the best memory however blurred. Mission accomplished at 3AM, which is what I wanted to do and the ONLY thing I wanted to do is to snap, and pass. Won't dish anymore to keep the wish far safe. 11:11!

She was great - she suddenly high fived me for "great mask!" whilst re-Q-ing back to the party. It was a good choice to re-enter. It paid off.

Well, be the judge again for below.

Butter Factory's best MISSMATCH yet - and boy was I BLOWN AWAY - the songs they spin and the taste SUITED ME WELL. I am the hometown kiddo of Japan afterall. AND PELI SPINS MAD. WDF AWESOME MAD. Love her DJ style hands down period .