The Ps'ed photo beauty of the bay.

Sitting down likka boss on top of the ship that carried my tour package group, we headed to sail over the UNESCO protected, chilly, breezy, and lovely Halong Bay that's rich with amazing seafood and stalactite and mites sites (although the ones in China are absolute grandeur and other places I forgot that was amazing).

So shine bright... tonight... I translated literally onto the clothes prepared like a normal Jap teen. It's been a while!!!!!!!!! *don't know how much I was excited for winter weather, peeps. I felt home*

What can be considered as luxury? Most will immediately trace their dreams to tote a monogram bag. I, on the other hand, think not.

Having lunch over the seas in a rare place on earth, on the boat, with the view, and eating my heart out, is the best thing ever in life and the best to end 2012! (See how late I'm posting this)

It was 30.12.12. Where were you?

The boat that took us away!
What was so astounding on set was S was sporting a white jacket (I only wore on daily) and the wool hat we bought at the same street shop the day before in Hanoi. How similar and how cute!

From the back... [via Instagram]
Uh, uh, two cupcakes cherry-topped with a toast of gin and white.
Postcard from location! Definitely not the Ps'ed one.

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super cute! love your pics!