The proud emblem batch all tour guides wear in their shirt. [via Instagram]

It was a very small gesture - literally something you can buy loads, but because the gesture was like no other (Sony is really the first technological brand in my heart, they sure be most charmed their TM is everywhere).

My Cambodian tour guide, a young graduate who's been in service for maybe less than 2 years, and leads tours that's conducted in English and Korean (yes, he said "I sing Gangnam Style better than Cambodian songs") has prepared on the last day, those tourist keychains we saw usually in the markets.

At first, I said, "Wow, the tourism org. here must be awesome, they have prepared this to give to all the tourists."
Yep, my tour guide. Laudable effort.

Maybe it is the case, but more and more it has lead that my tour guide (so sorry I forgot your name) has actually bought it for us and shared it to all the passengers. It was small, sweet, and memorable - the value was very little, but the memory is etched in my service 101 book forever.

Take advantage, tourism ministers, of your local manufacturers (especially China, Indonesia, India, all of ASEAN) to really push and train your ambassadors for they're the first contact with foreigners who'd like to understand a culture, a society, a country. On the serving side, one needs to have 110% open heart and passion to follow through.
Might be the reason why I'm not scared or to visit back the country again one day... hospitality is the number one case.

All smiles to the hot ASEAN country! (squinting of the sunbeam in Siem Riep's Palace too)

This is what anyone can do in 10 words or less...
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Cee said...

That is the true meaning of service... to do or give something beyond what is required to make your guests feel happy and at ease. It sounds like you had a truly charming guide in Cambodia :)