Unleashing the side we are not fearful of to show to the world...

I proudly present *with that dramatic drum roll* the professors in the making of the unofficial SOAS: Not School of Oriental and African Studies but, School of Otaku and Anime Studies!

Left to right: Anthea-sama, Jeanne, me, Eran, and Kash

 Yeah, this is school stuff we're doing ^

We've proudly hijacked our own campus' name in the movement to say, we obviously need a dedicated half-unit course that really analysis and discuss the critical discourse and world of otaku and anime. We've named it SOAS-SOAS. Hey, this is serious stuff, it ain't just a kids play. We have taken it on a whole new level and we won't stop. The original story of how we got together will be featured soon... in a magazine... in another language... our FIRST INTERVIEW. *A low whoo-hoo*

This has been a remake of Jojo's bizzare pose (referencing either here, here, or here if you don't know about it because I didn't either, I'm really back in my late 2000s for anime, not as informed as the rest of my otaku panelists here) for a photoshoot we did for the SOAS-SOAS' blog, which was Kash's media project but currently she needs to game up to continue to update and not leave it after we've received our marks (uh-huh, it was homework).

"With Kash... Rice... Jeanne, president of the SOAS Anime Society, meeting every Thursday from bla to bla at room bla-bla-bla... I'm Eran, Co-president of the Anime Society... You guys are now so together. I'm Anthea, by the way" -how our intro would usually go

The thing is about being part of the SOAS Radio, which I do have another show called CONVERSATIONS WITH CREATORS (interview based with Asian creatives) but let my co-producer handling editing and post-prod being really busy at the moment, you can do whatever but sadly unpaid/un-reimbursed with the hard work. But never mind, this has been the most hilarious venture ever and I think we're one of the best shows that our first class 'attendance' has about 70 shares!! A geeky record I'm not going to hide but blatantly say it out loud and proud, heh heh heh.

This has been the most rewarding and annoying yet addictive activity I have had so far in my postgrad life. I'm not complaining, doing this is like hanging out productively - talking about things we like and making stuff - the things I miss doing most in an academic campus. Absolutely loving the times of doing this and being part of such a genius show with a genius name - thanks to, d'oh, Anthea-sama~

Recently in the booth for upcoming future otaku/anime topics, this one's about anime opening and ending songs (OP and EP) and how important it is. It was my first time to have realised how inevitably important the song choice was and a vital element to an anime, which is also why anisongs (anime songs) orbits the musician into stardom and famous. Why? Class 8 on this! (At the time of writing, still on Class 5 published).

Last week we did 3 friggin' recordings for 3 topics. Talk about the sucking of time down the drain... in a good way where geeks and nerds just come together. On the table. The next two topics recorded is anime pilgrimage and chara stereotypes and types.

What should be coming as Class 6 is the debate of Remakes. Stay peeled and join in the debate when it comes out.

K and A are the ones who are responsible for the post-prod, so in honours to them please wait until they're able to bounce it off fast enough. I've been very lucky to just blab and regurgitate talk things I actually don't know very well - these days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  For if I were to gauge myself against all of these panelists, I have almost no strength - I've left the Japan pop for quite a few years with Korean stuff on the rise and me focusing my research in it, little did I know coming to SOAS rebounded my initial plans of analysing the Korean culture to actually bring me back to Japanese studies. Interesting.

And, and, and, another great thing included is to chase an interview for the show which was super super adorable cute burst into happiness and OMG squish die why Japanese peeple are cute gushing of Tiger and Bunny movie director. Super good movie, recommended, I said it was "Justice League and Avengers combined" in all its commercial appeal glory and that's why it's such a genius show in our era today:

Director Yonetani, of Tiger and Bunny on stage~!
Listen to our BFI Southbank Anime Weekend 2014 review AND the interview YOU CANNOT MISS AND GUSH TOGETHER.

THE BEST PART IS THOUGH, the fact that we grew from A to F: alien to friends. We've grown over the love of Japanese geekiness that makes one kichigai and blossomed as friends. So excuse me for posting good picnic piccie and an epic Turkish breakfast mealtime provided by Professor Eran.

We've all got it covered and eaten our hearts away, tissue roll ready.
By EPIC, Eran invited and fit 17 people inside a student accomodation kitchen. This wasn't all of us!

That's about that. Anyway, still not done with 3-day Japan trip + 1 on flight. Coming soon as I just got the pictures last week of my own and I'm incredibly happy how the photos turned out... well, stay tuned.

From my editor Lily's instagram: We WERE there for JAPANNIGHT!
My eyes are indeed gone with lack of sleep... story's coming soon. Really.
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