So, you've never seen a mermaid around here on land?
"Rambutnya biru tuh, liatin deh, biru ijo ma!" (Mom, take a look at that blue hair, its like blue-greenish!)
"Liat si tante ini, rambutnya biru tuh" (Take a look at this auntie here, her hair's blue)

Yeah, so now if you've met me then you can proudly say "I saw a mermaid on land!"
But before I became a mermaid...

I decided to try blue, a hair dye I haven't tried and I've always wanted to try. I wanted the camouflaging electric dark blue which looks black but shows itself under light. It looked like a waterfall with my loose curls...

 Little did I know my hair would metamorph and strip its own colour and present people who saw my hair behind my back a 'new' hue every time I gave ma hair a wash... and not returning my hair into the bleached yellow colour like most do! 

The first week after I dyed my hair, it looked more bright purple than of dark blue, which is expected since any fashion hair dye won't usually appear with the colour you sort of want. Asian hair is stubbornly solid.

Channeling #supermarketchic

It plunges to have a gradation like from the deep blue sea...


The best moment on the tip ends, yet, it starts to show its light aquamarine in the third week I arrived home in December.

 Disintegration of colours, around January 2015

 All colours have ran out! Just of what its left, however the blue gets all bright like Hatsune Miku...

En route to Seoul, South Korea. Washed my yellowish fringe purple and now,  I have warm and cold colour.

 To this one which one exclaims that "we have seen the Northern Lights, it's here - by your back!"

The next best moment of hair washes comes unexpectedly for my graduation picture: I can explain how it looks like a complete ROY G BIV since the purple has turned red, the gradation of yellow meets blue that turns like green and it's become those Red-Yellow-Blueish-ness I also don't understand as it runs between washes...
It just gets brighter and brighter, April 2015

Swimming back up for a lighter and washed-out hue, it's loosing its colour.
However, this hair has made a lot of bonds from meeting a same-age female in Tokyo who happens to also have the same hair and getting much love and appreciation which I can't get in my own country. The gap of cultural capital is just so big that it takes time for the people in the hood to be 'normalized' - with my pop-up hair colour bar, coming (hopefully) this August 2015.

Stay tuned as I aim to colour the entire Jakarta in full colours before moving onto the next city I'll open the pop-up!

Time to strip your tresses and get some magic going with the choice of your favourite colour :)

This is your mermaid on land signing out / or that kid who comes to church every week with that green hair now

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