No. 3

Hello. A "designer's studio" feature. Korean version below. See how much I've suffered?

Which was more important, the home first or the admittance to school?
While yes, the importance of being admitted to the primary institution of choice is absolutely the greatest thing, I decided to rank it No. 4 because, all in all, the humble abode will house you no matter what when you are tired from the city's lights and frights of deadline rush.

To have lived in zone 1, having a London address, a London postcode is something not everyone can have. I was immensely lucky to immediately have found a place that caters everything and for me to move in without problems.

So yes, that is the no. 3.

Old, for Old Street, the zone between central and East London; the tech roundabout, London's answer to Silicon Valley; Google Campus; and of course, my home area for my year in London.

Where it all started:

I arrived in Heathrow with one suitcase, one handcarry, 21 clothing article, 3 pairs of shoes, and a mix of poundsterling and euros and I used it to this cab which no one told me about...

It's been one year, intensely crazy, I bid farewell to the political world of academia forever as a student but to return as a lecturer...

Who knew Old Street would be such a gem? What's a real, real, real pity is the fact that I didn't explore the area when I was living in the area. Everyone can shoot me now that I realised how Shoreditch market/ Old Spitalfields was just 15 mins. away from me? That I discovered somewhere in my second semester in London. Say, February?

Mhmm. I've moved out to the northern area of London in zone 3 for the next two months until 26 Nov, my flight from Gatwick. It'll be my first time to try on Garuda Indonesia, stopover Amsterdam, and to arrive back in CGK within 15.5 hours. Let's give it until 17 shall we.

But before everything else, the wonderful one year in my home that I dub as the lost Grand Budapest Hotel (our lobby is entirely powder pink!).

Then, let me introduce my 'London workshop' for the year. A designer will always be a designer. laughs I had editorial design withdrawal symptoms because my assignments were all words-based. If only, I could paint a picture with 5000 words, that would be nice.

"The Grand Lobby"

"...at the enormous Dining Room"

Peering through that rare London sunlight
"Doing mundane things, like World Cup at home's comfort"

"Monsieur Gustave H.'s room full of love letters"
(which actually, are my 'junk' of flyers, posters, and everything else)

The original beginning, Sept-Nov 2013

Guests around the year... and to see how long my tresses have grown for the year to denote change:

OK London, time to see you properly now! At the time of writing, I have crossed of "for the first time" bucket list: Tate, Sloan Square, Saatchi, Hampstead, Stratford Westfield, North Greenwich, and the V&A at night, stunning.

(At the time of writing, TRIED) To Do: More museums, Observatory, Wimbledon, Wembley Park, Queen's Park, do the Independent bookstore map, and other cities and Wales, highly recommended by Luke.

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