There was that infamous Monday, then it was a famous Friday. Yesterday, it was a wonderful Wednesday . The days that somehow worked for me like magic.

My closest friends in London pointed out, "Networking really does work for you like a charm" whereas I said "I still really don't know how to network in a networking event to just 'hello, what do you do?'"

But somehow, on cue like an actor who approached K and I yesterday out of the blue, he came behind us and said, "Are you involved in the media by any way or from the press?"

If we said no, then he's ask, "what do you do?" and then we'll politely answer what we do which is a start of a short or long conversation on how you bring it. How things work, very interesting.

So it was the time where I was in the cinema and I knew who I would be sitting beside with. Somehow he lost his phone somewhere and I offered him to key in his mobile (with a ready +81 but that was Japan and Korea is +82, ding dong) to call and somehow hope his phone to light up and for him to trace where it is. Smooth gesture and a quick introduce and the card's in my hand. That's my first and best gesture yet, it pays off being a specialist in the countries I aim to work in. Feat!

Even Y only told us yesterday the first time she met J while waiting for the radio, in the next 5 minutes of saying hello and talking they were on the topic of depression and suicide. She ranted, "To talk to a stranger about suicide! Literally!" Now that works wonders.

Wednesday was wonderful because of a catch-up lunch meeting at the Strand and new ideas are pushed forth and more forces are combined to have the opportunity for project collaboration, in LOOOOOONDOOOOOOOOOON.

Technically, there is some job happening! And if it really goes well with the plan then it fits perfectly for me to actually attend my graduation which I'm too lazy to drag myself half way around the world for and start working on more creative pursuit. Oh boy! So exciting (can drag on).

The night ended with meeting Yang-kangdongnim. Creator of IRIS drama. And he's so amicable.
One thing I knew now is that there's no problem for SK to make dramas/movies about NK, and portray it however they want. Now that's, one enlightening and serious tidbit.

Yeah, we look like we're bloodshot killers in this light.

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