I have found a way to get me out of here for just one year.

I would have to eliminate warm, fuzzy, human feelings and change into a state of humanoid - without feelings.

"We evolved a psychological system of emotional attachment" (from Manson) and this is exactly what I would have to work towards to eliminate it. For one year. Just one year.

Can anyone give me a crash course to be a complete "cold-hearted player" for 1 year?

I have to, or else I won't be able to reach to my end target and make the world warmer than ever in this freezing hell made by the people who loves money bloody damn too much more than the value of their own soul.

And even though I've gone through it, "it’s not changing any time soon" either.

Loved Mark Manson's article (although I wonder why there is a point in writing this and people so helpless because you're suppose to realise it itself, aka. control your body and not your body controlling your mind, like self-help books because it has to be done by the insides of you) and I've used it to this entire write-up. But really, he is my hero, 'nuff said  <

If you really want to spiral in with me, this is exactly how I feel - Tablo has probably viewed in different problem (heck cares where we graduate or not, I'm still with him) but the lyrics are all the same state of being emotionless and what's in the future without oxygen. This song has been a favorite of mine and now the lyrics even made more sense in the journey I'm now drowning. Human made, human consequences. Read, consume, lyrics, carefully.

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