Know if or not know it, I've moved to London for postgrad studies dad's been pestering of me going out of the house or else...but all in all I've arrived and started everything and got, a fresher's flu. A freshie in the West in the fall weather and down with a wet nose to welcome me (amidst the honestly friendly weather of sunshine and wind that's totally human).

It's definitely going to get a lot colder than this so this is a good welcome, better now than later in the middle of the semester which has chuckloads of reading to do...

Talking about beauty is another entire database of research and perception.
Not the point now. I think I have a clear goal as a very mild-to-none feminist mission - seeing in my previous last blog post on a random month about how sex and entertainment industry is now giving free sex through pop culture and music - in their tiniest sense to bring back sense to the girls in today's world, especially with the Eastern heritage. I was home all day and a Hall mate of mine in the study room was present; we were discussing about here and there and about globalisation, Western notions, and everything - in this terms, it's relationship, love, sex, everything - MILEY will be one case of the extreme.

In regards to crudely devaluate female.

Eastern values still remain intact with me, although I live as an individualistic, introverted, metropolitan single that wishes to remain silent, until another being throws in the question for me to react to it, which is almost found in every first world metropolitan city and means it has been under the Western culture.

With more women not having more integrity for themselves. As simple as my Hall friend A says,

"I think first, if I were to do this, I would think that if my dad walks in out of nowhere and no news right now what I'm doing, will I be able to casually say, 'Hi Dad, what's up?', then it's good. But if I can't do it, then, well I won't do it."
And this is as concise and simply said. I won't have face if my dad knows things I would feel uncomfortable if he knew. His colleagues knew. My mom. Demoralise. We're Asian so we still have to keep the Eastern respect. If I respect myself then I could face my dad in all circumstances of what I do.

It's amazing how Billy Ray actually approves his daughter's artist's current image-reconstruction, so I would respect on that that "She's Still My Miley" (however the moment I was watching Wrecking Ball I was squeasy in my seat - her dad can watch it too and well, his full-grown daughter is swinging without clothes, so).

What would you do? I'm just keeping my self-check sane and integrity alive and to keep the Eastern heritage of respect going for teenage girls, and it's what strongly I believe in as a mission.

Next time I'm writing it'll be a whole new light on Asian culture, the study of the cultural industries and whatever I'm on fa-i-ah sitting in as a pupil again! But, chunk-sized bites on lecture notes on Tweetah, for those who are interested in the subject, mention away!

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