To the Extreme Extent

Soooooooooooooooooooo my long hair that hasn't been treated very well has grown too long, I haven't trim it since July '08. Thus, after knowing Malcom as he was looking for a stylist for his portfolio project and I inquired him, he's also a budding hairstylist and a photographer. Then givine out free cuts for the first time I said "I NEED A HAIRCUT so do tell when are you free."

Made it after the high-tea meeting (LOL), I went straight directly to Chinese Garden where he works. Running late-----

About the haircut - I'm not sure. I wanted to try short somehow and wasn't afraid to just chop it all off (ones who know me would be appalled as I'm known for my lustrous long thick black hair since I was born. Or as it gets long).

To make my long hair story get short, I sat down and let Mal do whatever. Keywords I hinted was quirky, unique, assymetrical... so then he said my face is also suitable for short hair, then do the basic Vic Beck style then re-invent in some sides. (I wanted to avoid the name Victoria, but I guess she was the first person to keep the hair short and leave the front longer which is actually comfortable for a fast sweat-er like me but still want to retain the long hair look).

snip snip snip snip snip

(bye hair bye)
went out for dinner...

went to see the new jurong point (has been enlarged)

ate ice kacang since i was thirsty + not hungry + sweet tooth but not phatty XD

allright allright to keep the suspense over...


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